What is the Daring Life?

The daring life is one where we choose to SHOW UP, BE SEEN and LIVE BRAVE.™  


It is choosing to step out of our safe, comfortable, hiding places where we live small, and into life as our true, authentic and wholehearted self.


There is no doubt that being our true selves in a world where so are often driven by perfection, pleasing, and pretending is a truly daring choice.

In the Daring Life you...

...open your heart

...share your voice

...have that tough conversation

...face that uncertain future

...let go of perfection

...let go of pleasing

...let go of pretending

...fall down

...get back up

...own your story

...be authentically you

Impact of the work

"Life changing,

Hope filled,


"A powerful process."

"Course was great...worth my investment."